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Teresa Urban,
Our Founder

Teresa has been building bridges with women, of all ages, her entire life. Empowerment is deeply rooted in her core beliefs, and she has relentlessly been a champion for women in all aspects of life. As a daughter of immigrants, Teresa has always known the importance of having the difficult conversations. Growing up, the freedom to discuss the challenging topics was not practiced, as a matter of fact, she was raised to sweep things under the rug. Teresa struggled with vulnerability for many years, always putting the “strong woman” armor on – to be resilient and to hide her feelings in response to life’s challenges. However, by addressing her own mental health and nurturing her peace and happiness, Teresa has learned to have the difficult conversations, to be open and honest - as a mother, a friend, and confidant. Raising her two daughters taught her innumerable lessons and brought to light the many challenges young women face today.


Teresa has also used this practical and honest approach in mentoring dozens of young men and women throughout her professional career. While discussing the need to help women find their voices, both personally and professionally, and prioritize mental wellness – a dear friend provided the encouragement that Teresa needed to start Talkworthy LLC and bring this concept to a broader audience.  


There is no better time than NOW to come together, in a comfortable space, to be able to broach the day-to-day struggles, with food, laughter, encouragement, support, friendship and to talk through the topics that are Talk-worthy!


Developing Talkworthy LLC also gave birth to Talkworthy Foundation, our Philanthropic institution to impact the community at large.

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