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“In 2017 my daughter was born and my purpose for life needed to be intentional.  I knew that I wanted to expand my career into a versatile force multiplier. During this journey, I met Teresa who would become my manager and mentor.  I needed a voice who understood what I wanted to accomplish and how to reach the destination. Teresa helped me develop a plan of consistency and how to produce in a high-volume workplace and in life.  Should I say the rest is history, and I have been excelling ever since.  I have also been a mentor to others, implementing the same processes and helping others achieve their goals.  This positively impacted my career and has elevated me into new positions.  These principals helped me build a foundation to succeed.”

Courtland   – Dallas, Texas

“I will always be thankful for your kindness and support throughout the years. You’re my icon!”

Helena   - Dallas, Texas

Three Words

Over the many years of meeting thousands of people in leadership and training, there have been so many wonderful compliments – I couldn’t
possibly remember them all.  However, at one of my first seminars in Texas, I asked the group to describe me in three words:  here are a few of the responses:

“Thoughtful, passionate, resilient” - Jeanae


“Knowledgeable, caring, direct” – Jennifer


“Assertive, determined, focused” - Miesha


“Hilarious and completely underestimated” -Lisa


“Happy, caring, timely” –  Rosie


“Funny, driven, self-aware” – Cydney

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